Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote in labyrinthwalk,
Nancy Today

caring for my snowshoe labyrinth in the tall sedge grasses

I made a labyrinth in the tall sedge grass in the meadow marsh beside my tipi by the highway. I did it with snow shoes in August. I walked it several times, but the lumpy grass and my bum foot didn't go well together.

I want to stick pieces of basketmaking willow into the center of each of the rows of grass between the pathways. Then it will grow up to be a lovely harvestable labyrinth.

I hope when the snow flies and I walk it again, I'll be able to find my paths and not make new ones. The grass is a meter/yard tall so I doubt it'll disappear, only the pathways could fill up with drifting snow.

I'll have to be diligent down there.
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