Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote in labyrinthwalk,
Nancy Today

Anybody else out there?

Am I the only one in this community? I look over the posts, and see that I've been the only one posting for almost a year!
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Out here. Curious, but don't have much to say.
When I had a yard, I did a labyrinth for Samhain 2006, and I've been meaning to do one on the beach nearby where I live now, but it's just two of us practicing now, so we keep putting it off. It's not in a private area, so, there's that to contend with.

Still, I really enjoy reading about your labyrinths, and I enjoy looking at all the links.
I just joined. I like reading your posts... that's why I joined. :)
Well how lovely! You can see the labyrinths if you go to I like making videos when I walk them. And then I can talk talk talk! grin.