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My snowshoe labyrinth and Everfar in winter and now spring

Sunday, May 4, 2008
1:51 PM

I have searched many times for communities on labyrinths, and never ever thought of this name, labyrinthwalk!

My cousin made a sand labyrinth with brick dividing lines. She said so much good stuff about it, that I had to do it myself!
This is the Nancy Today movie I made of Sally telling me about her labyrinth.

So I came home to snow and flat spaces! I walked to a center spot in the snow then ‘labyrinthed’ out of it. The one beside the house I named Everfar.

When I went down to the highway to my tipi alongside the road, I found another big flat area where tall sedges grow in the other seasons. Once again on my big Adirondack snowshoes, I made a labyrinth.

I named it Snowshoe Labyrinth. It was 15 circles wide. I got back into the alders alongside the open area and then right alongside the stream.

I would go down there all winter, lie in the hammock in the tipi and then go for a walk in Snowshoe Labyrinth.

After nearly every snowfall (it snowed every day in February this year), I’d go down and walk it again to keep it well packed!

I have 29 Snowshoe Labyrinth videos
You can just do a search for ‘snowshoe labyrinth’ in the little white bar down on my video thumbnails.

Enjoy yourselves! I loved those labyrinths and was quite sad when the weather warmed and turned them into floodwater and then back into a marsh and a yard!

So now I'm making one in my own yard by the house, a permanent one with thyme pathways and something tall that I'm not sure about yet. Perhaps sunflowers!

These are about creating this planted one:

Planning a labyrinth

Smooth soil for a labyrinth

How to plant a thyme labyrinth

Thyme is planted in circles

Easy way to dig up sod

Watering Everfar Labyrinth
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