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Carved a Sandcastle Labyrinth sign for the 400yd long labyrinth

Tuesday, May 6, 2008
8:25 AM

I just came in from Sandcastle Labyrinth. I sat in one of the wooden chairs in the sun on Thyme Hilltop and carved the name into a board. The wood is cedar. It’s full cut 1X12”, none of that 3/4X11 stuff. It’s an old board so the newly cut words stand out very nicely.

I cut off a 1X2 where it had a break, so it looked kinda pointy on the end.

I nailed the sign to it and took it and a hammer, my basket and birdsong book up the road to the turnaround which is about 10 feet lower than the top of Thyme Hill where I was sitting beside it. The road cuts into the hill, I guess, so my side is higher than the turnaround.

I hammered it into the sandy bank beside the turnaround, in line with the entrance into the labyrinth.

It looks so nice! I'm so pleased! Sandcastle Labyrinth. It won't wash away or dissapear, so I can leave that and not have to worry about it again! It's on township property, but it's up higher where they won't grade the road.

I walked the labyrinth once, picking up little sticks and fixing little spots where someone drove over it as they turned around up there, then spiralled in to it again just to count the distance. I took wide paces and found it’s about 400 yards. That’s 1200 feet. Three times walking it, is 3600 feet. So that’s more than half a mile, or over a kilometre.

How nice to be able to have a nice walk outside without having to climb hills or such!

I feel refreshed. The air is cool and fresh. The sun is out and the warblers are singing. I looked up the two-note-repeated-rapidly song and found it was a Bay Breasted Warbler. Here’s to remembering that tomorrow!

I didn’t have my bird book out there and didn’t see him, so I can’t remember quite what he looks like.
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