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Nancy Today

Something seemed wrong with the labyrinth

Monday, June 16, 2008
7:30 am

I walked up to remake Sandcastle Labyrinth in the sandy turnaround at the top of the hill road.

On the way I scattered seeds for turnips and wildflowers. I hope they grow. They are on the edge of the sandy road, so they may. I walked on them on my way back to the house later so they would be sort of planted. Sortof.

At the level top of the hill, I decided to move the labyrinth over more towards Molly’s house. I found that a lot of turnarounds happened on it the last time. This part seems less disturbed.

I made my cross in the center, then two more corners in each of the corners and the dot.

I walked around connecting them with a pointy cedar stick from the bank of the road.

When I was done, I realized I’d not made two corners and a dot in each of the four corners of the cross. On one I had only made one corner and a dot.

So when I walked it as I made a video and got to the center in no time, that I had done something very wrong.

I had to study it for awhile to figure out what was wrong. It all looked fine.

When I corrected it, the entrance was on the left of the bottom of the cross, instead of the right. That doesn’t make sense as I did the rest of it according to custom.

Well, I walked it and walked it, and finally marked each time I went around to make sure that I was actually walking them all.

It turned out I was. I was tickled pink, moved the Conch shell back to the center and came home.

I'll put up the vid later:
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