Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote in labyrinthwalk,
Nancy Today

Curves instead of corners

9:15 AM

I went to the top of the road to tidy up from our Canada Day activities last night. when I was up there, surveying the large expansive turnaround, I wanted to re-create Sandcastle labyrinth, as it only lasts from one rainstorm to the next.

This time I drew the middle cross, and then instead of square corners inside each of those four corners of the cross, I drew sweeps, curves. I made three curves and a dot or each of the four corners of the cross.

Then I drew it so that it would be a wide labyrinth, but not too tall as I’d run out of space against the bank of the road up to the field.

I love drawing labyrinths in the sandy gravely road. The stick feels nice as it pressed an inch into the loose, moist sand.

I know this will soon be driven over, but it’s such a lovely thing to do, such a lovely thing to create.

I had to walk it when I was done. It took a long time. My mind had settled, if there had been anything in it to begin with anyway, by the time I arrived at the center. I was so surprised that I’d only just arrived, that I walked across the rows to get out and go back to the house.

And so here I lie in my hammock in the shade, listening to the wind in the helipsis plants, the crickets in the rose bushes and my fingers tapping on the letters on my laptop.
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It's raining again, so it may no longer exist. What a waste! Naw.

Here's a pic of it with square corners last time.