Nancy Today (nancytoday) wrote in labyrinthwalk,
Nancy Today

Everfar Labyrinth update

I began making a labyrinth in the yard last spring. However, even though I planted lots of thyme for the circles, I didn't weed out the wildflowers and lambs quarters that came along. So I sort of lost my labyrinth.

All but the sign, Everfar, on the inverted root stump. I did plant several silver mound plants and some lavender near the stump, though.

I have straw in the rows, but only half of the labyrinth really took some shape this season.

I'll walk it in the winter, for sure. I love doing that. I do have to move the wheelbarrow which is inverted over the lawnmower so I have lots of space out there.

It's great to be able to just go out the door to get some exercise like that all winter!

I'll have to go out there and see what I can do about creating the shape again and pull out those wildflowers now and see if my thyme took.

Actually, I could still transplant thyme! It's never too late for that!
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