Kitty Cunningham (mary_mayhem) wrote in labyrinthwalk,
Kitty Cunningham

Mebane Labyrinth 2010

We have renewed the labyrinth. Mowing and weedeating all summer was a hideous chore. Chuck did it without complaining. But, he finally had enough. We called Mr. Torrey of Torey's Tree Service and Landscaping for an estimate.

Two weeks later, Mr. Torrey and his helper piled up the rocks and scraped the grass off the spot. They laid down black plastic and covered it with mulch. Then, my family replaced the labyrinth. It took a little while. Chuck and I damaged ourselves being too enthusiastic the first Saturday. Christopher did some while he was on Spring Break and it is completed.

We had found some very nice copper solar lights in the interim between first talking to Mr. Torrey and his start on the work. We got 24 (a full display box) and waited. There are 2 at the entrance and one at each turn. It look like we have a helipad in the backyard at night. :-D
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