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Nancy Today

Sandcastle labyrinth is ready for walking! 16-ring

Monday, May 5, 2008
8:18 AM

Sandcastle labyrinth

It’s made. It’s walkable. It’s completed! Now I need to make signs. Sandcastle Labyrinth. It’s only going to last until the township roads people come along and grade the road. However, the road is in good shape and needs no grading at the moment!

This is the big turnaround for the heavy snow-moving equipment. I haven’t a clue how big it is, but the labyrinth on it is a 16-ring, so it’s about 32’ wide, I guess. Diameter.

When I was done making it, I went to the house close to the turnaround and showed Molly. She came out to see it. I asked her for a name, something that doesn’t last. Sandcastle was her word! So I found some wood and need to find my carving knife. What a great little place it is going to be.

We talked about having candlelight walks in the labyrinth. I think I'm going to take my conch shells over for it. I suggested she put anything in it that she wanted. She has two big gallon jars of shells her sister brought from somewhere.

I have a lot of shells, too, small once and conch ones from Buck Island off St. Croix, USVirgin Islands.

I walked it and filmed myself making it, which I’ll go upload in a minute.
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